What is a golf coach?

The World Golf Coaches Alliance is the official coaches division of the United States Golf Teachers Federation. The term, Certified Professional Golf Coach®, is a United States federally registered trademark.

In establishing the USGTF’s coaching division, the World Golf Coaches Alliance, the first thing that we had to do was to define what a golf coach was. Nothing on the Internet, no major golf organizations, or even individuals who have taught for years seemed truly able to clearly define the term “golf coach.”  As an example, Tiger’s coach Sean Foley, who was recently interviewed by Charlie Rose on national television, was asked specifically what the difference was between a golf teacher and a golf coach. Foley replied. ” I teach kids and I coach adults. ” Sean missed a great opportunity to give a clear definition of his particular trade. Greg Norman, recently interviewed on Golf Channel, was asked exactly the same question. His reply was that “there is a big difference between a golf teacher and a golf coach. A teacher gives you the specifics and a coach helps you round everything out.”  So, if we define a golf coach as “someone  who helps you round everything out,” it still leaves some major uncertainty as to the meaning of the term. And, these definitions come from a very prominent golf coach and a very prominent player.

The WGCA defines the difference between a golf teacher and a golf coach as  “a golf teacher helps golfers with the mechanics of the golf swing, and a golf coach helps those who compete at golf.”  Both the teacher and the coach do have certain things in common, mostly a good understanding of the mechanics and the fact that both are great ambassadors for the game, but it is the element of competition that separates the two.  A golf coach needs to know more about things like golf psychology and sports psychology in general, education on mental toughness, nutrition, biomechanics, coaching at the high school level, coaching at the collegiate level, coaching at the professional level, and coaching at the national team level.  A golf coach needs to know about all of these subjects, whereas in the training of a golf teacher, these elements are not necessarily as relevant.

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Who does a golf coach help?

A golf coach helps:

  • High school golf teams
  • Collegiate level teams
  • Club teams and groups who compete
  • Individuals who compete in tournaments and on various professional tours
  • National teams


What are a golf coach’s areas of expertise?

A golf coach’s areas of expertise are:

  • Golf swing mechanics
  • Golf psychology and sports psychology
  • Education on mental toughness
  • Nutrition
  • Fitness
  • Biomechanics
  • Advice on personal development
  • Inspiration and motivation
  • Coaching at the high school level
  • Coaching at the collegiate level
  • Coaching at the professional level
  • Coaching at the national team level
  • Clubfitting


How does the online course work?

Using the latest technology to provide high quality educational material, we have created a new method for students to become certified as professional golf coaches and learn how to coach golf. A participant can now learn at their own leisure by accessing all of the necessary educational information online. This is accomplished by streaming all of the course videos to the participant through their Internet browser / tablet and/or smartphone.