Why the World Golf Coaches Alliance was created: 

The World Golf Coaches Alliance is a division of the United States Golf Teachers Federation. It was created because more money than ever before is being made available for tournament golf worldwide, and these events are now played throughout the year without any particular off-season to the sport.  As a result, more golfers worldwide are learning to compete. In 2016, for the first time since 1904, golf will once again be an Olympic sport.  Golfers  from approximately 35 nations will be represented.

Because of this evolution, the United States Golf Teachers Federation recognized that golf coaches, including national team coaches, require an organization not only for accreditation, but to help guide their careers, offer ongoing education, and provide instructional videos from experts on every aspect of coaching golf.

Furthermore, golf coaches require an organization where they can share their thoughts and ideas with other golf coaches, be provided with membership benefits, and take advantage of a central office.  Now, you can become a Certified Professional Golf Coach® and take advantage of these services.