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How To Get More Distance In The Golf Swing

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HOW TO GET MORE DISTANCE IN THE GOLF SWING By Arlen Bento Jr. If you play golf and love the game, at some point you will notice a loss in distance. Usually, this is due to age, just getting older, losing flexibility and strength. Over years, many golfers just don’t realize how much distance they […]

Listen To What Your Students Say…

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Have you ever called a business, only to get a long and complicated menu? After several wasted minutes, we finally think we’re going to be rewarded for our patience, only to be told to try again later. Good communication is the key to most businesses. Nothing is more frustrating to customers than a company which […]

You can go full throttle and never burn out

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Daniel Day Lewis made history as the first person to win three Academy Awards for Best Actor. He won for “Lincoln” (2013), “There Will Be Blood” (2007), and “My Left Foot” (1989). According to Steven Spielberg, Daniel Day Lewis acts using a method in which he never breaks character on the set. His roles become […]