Walk the Walk

Posted on by Dave Hill WGCA contributing writer

Seldom do I discuss or write about any of my accomplishments in golf because firstly, they are few and far between, and secondly, no one really cares. This past winter, however, I took it upon myself to set a goal to qualify for the MSOP putting championship to be held in late October in Las […]

Course Closures In China

Posted on by Ben Bryant WGCA contributing writer

The Chinese government sent chills throughout the golf industry last week when it announced the closing of 111 golf courses throughout the country.  The purported reason for the closing was that the courses in question had been illegally using water and developing land without permits.  But the Chinese government has a long history of opposition […]

Goals for the New Year

Posted on by Gregg Steinberg WGCA contributing writer

The New Year is approaching, and if you are like me, you are a goal setter.   Goals are essential to our success. Psychologists have studied goal-setting for many years and tout their importance to performance. Specifically, goals get you focused on your task, keep you inspired under difficult times, and foster strategies to attain […]

What Has Tiger Taught Us

Posted on by Dave Hill WGCA contributing writer

Tiger Woods is making another comeback, 466 days after his last competitive round. I’ve lost track as to how many comebacks this will be, but it surpasses his buddy Michael Jordan by multiples. It’s also been 20 years since he’s turned pro when he won twice during the fall campaign to secure his tour card. […]

Belief And The Competitive Player

Posted on by Mark Harman WGCA contributing writer

When I first picked up a golf club at the age of 12 in 1974, I immediately dreamed of playing on the Tour and making a living as a professional golfer. I always enjoyed competition, whether it be Little League baseball, golf, or playing in a pickup football or basketball game. That first year I played, I was shooting around 50 for nine holes by the […]

Time To Change The Message

Posted on by Dave Hill WGCA contributing writer

During a recent lesson with a gentleman who’s been playing for over 55 years, I was able to reaffirm my belief about how golf swing instruction took a wrong turn a few decades ago.  Soon to follow is the movement toward specialized fitness for golf. I’m fully aware of the controversy of such statements, but it […]

Long Live The King

Posted on by Dave Hill WGCA contributing writer

Arnold Palmer came from humble beginnings. As a boy, he was not permitted in the clubhouse at Latrobe Country Club, where his father oversaw the duties as head professional and greenskeeper. However, this did not stop him from becoming the legend everyone could not help but love. We could give Arnie every admirable adjective under […]

Growing The Game

Posted on by Dave Hill WGCA contributing writer

I woke up Sunday morning, August 14th, thinking about the Olympics and the day’s events. Going to be an exciting day as the gold medal will be decided and, oh yeah, I think there’s golf. The gold medal I’m talking about is, of course, the fastest man on earth. No need to mention a name, […]


Posted on by Dr. Shaunna Taylor, Ph.D

Start by encouraging them to examine their core beliefs about themselves. Every coach has struggled with building confidence in their athletes and team, and yet, there are surprisingly few resources that help address this important challenge. While every athlete has their own individual profile and history, there are some important foundational theories that apply to all. Confidence really begins with the […]


Posted on by Dave Hill WGCA contributing writer

Tiger Woods averaged 342 yards off the tee at the 1996 Masters, his second year playing the event. We all know how the story went in 1997 with his dominating 12-stroke margin of victory. Pictured below were his tools of the trade. What is remarkably noticeable are the two steel-shafted small-headed woods. His driver was […]


Posted on by Steve Williams WGCA contributing writer

There is a communication gap between the typical golf instructor and their students.  That gap is the perception of reality by the student.  To illustrate this point, lets think about a chicken wing. First, for clarity, let me give you my description of a chicken wing: Because of improper supination of the leading arm in the […]