A New Generation of Certified Professional Golf Coaches®

coach-landing-pageIdeally, a competent golf coach should come up the ranks from that of a golf teaching professional.  There is no better training ground for coaching golf than having shared your passion of teaching the game to those of all ages, levels of abilities, and varying personalities. Furthermore, most successful teaching professionals have acquired the characteristics of patience, humility, and compassion, which are prerequisites for helping those who are competing at the game.

Aside from having an acute understanding of the mechanics of the golf swing and the ability to share these mechanics in a simplified manner, the golf coach must also have an understanding of subject matters such as sports psychology, sports science (fitness and biomechanics), and the mental aspect of coaching the game.  Furthermore, a competent golf coach should be able to act as a mentor, be able to motivate clients, and offer advice if need be on personal development.


Course Content

Ten instructional videos are available from the World Golf Coaches Alliance as a online course that cover every aspect in the education of a professional golf coach.

  • Understanding Sports Psychology
  • Coaching a High School Golf TeamCertification Info 2 - John_Means
  • Coaching Golf at the Collegiate Level
  • Coaching a Tour Player
  • Understanding Fitness and Biomechanics for the Golf Coach
  • Helping your Competitive Golfer to Become Mentally Bulletproof part 1
  • Helping your Competitive Golfer to Become Mentally Bulletproof part 2
  • Golf Coaching Excellence
  • Nutrition for Golf Coaches
  • Clubfitting for Golf Coaches

Meet the Educators

The World Golf Coaches Alliance has assembled some of the finest coaches in the world of golf to share with you their knowledge. These individuals are recognized experts in the various aspects of coaching the game. Please click here to view a brief profile of these educators.