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Bob _walkingWelcome to the online certification course for Professional Golf Coaches. This modern method of learning has become very popular with colleges and educational facilities throughout the world and allows individuals the opportunity to progress comfortably at their own pace. Additionally, for many individuals online courses are more convenient, offer flexibility and have cost saving benefits

Course Requirements

Part of becoming a competent golf coach is the ability to understand and teach the mechanics of the game. In fact, this is the one area that both the golf teacher and the golf coach have in common. For this reason, one must have either USGTF or PGA teaching certification prior to taking this course.

Do not meet the requirements? No Problem: For those who do not currently hold golf teaching certifications,  you may take the Association Teaching online course in conjunction with the Coaches course to gain both your teaching credentials along with your coaching certification.

Associate Teaching and Coaches Certification Course – $950
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Certified Professional Golf Coach® is a service mark of the United States Golf Teachers Federation. All those who become certified through our online program are permitted to use this service mark in promoting their golf careers.