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Yet another Tiger saga abounds. The question begs, why do many say they’re saddened over hearing about his challenges? Life is a challenge. No one said it would be easy, and we’re all responsible for our decisions. As far as I know, Tiger puts his pants on one leg at a time. He has no doubt made mistakes along the way which have cost and will cost him dearly, both privately and publicly. However, I don’t find any of this to be sad. Curious, yes; sad, no.


An up-and-coming junior hit by a car while riding his bicycle one week following his first appearance in a state championship is sad. Six months in a coma, only to finally wake up with fully coherent thoughts, with the brain is incapable of firing signals that provide speech and nervous system activity required for movement, is sad. A possible life of incapacitation, both physically and verbally, with heightened awareness is not sad; it is beyond the pale of sad. However, in spite of this young man’s obstacles, he is making a concerted effort to enjoy life and accept his challenge that very few will ever begin to contemplate understanding. Only time will tell if this young man can overcome the barriers none of us can conceive. I know this young man relatively well, and my feelings defy description. Tiger, on the other hand, was given a gift, an opportunity to reflect and recover.


In looking deeper into Tiger’s travails, one has to question why the Golf Channel, founded by the gentleman of gentlemen, deemed it necessary to air the dash-cam footage of his arrest. Is this journalistic responsibility, a quest for improved ratings, or offering want the public wants?  I may be wrong, but if Mr. Palmer were alive, I’m not convinced he would have allowed such tabloid-type behavior. We’re all guilty of slowing down and rubbernecking while passing a police event while on the road. Human nature is to be curious, or we wouldn’t evolve as a species. When does curiosity become an intrusion? Has today’s society surpassed the tipping point of nothing is off limits regarding one’s privacy?


It is understood Tiger is a megastar in spite of his fall from grace in recent years under his own guise. It is understood he appears to have broken the law regarding DUI due to prescription drugs. Many may say because of the aforementioned, his right to privacy in this matter is extinguished. This, indeed is a fact; however, one could ask, is it imperative that this media source, which in part was defined by and popularized by the game’s biggest star, air one of his lowest moments? Why do they feel compelled to satisfy the public’s insatiable appetite for gossip?


The Golf Channel has seemingly forgotten the strongest tenant espoused by its famous co-founder; treat everyone how you wish to be treated. Social media is presently conveying a very negative sentiment toward the coverage, and only time will tell if the tried-and-true Tiger fans will turn their back on the network, as many claim. One thing is certain: the non-golf fan will continue to do so and will not be subscribing to the Golf Channel anytime soon, or perhaps ever. There’s nothing wrong with reporting the story because it is a big one within the world of golf and beyond. However, saving the rubbernecking for other media outlets would have been the order of the King.

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