What Has Tiger Taught Us

Posted on by Dave Hill WGCA contributing writer

Tiger Woods is making another comeback, 466 days after his last competitive round. I’ve lost track as to how many comebacks this will be, but it surpasses his buddy Michael Jordan by multiples. It’s also been 20 years since he’s turned pro when he won twice during the fall campaign to secure his tour card. Hello World! Looking back over the past 20 years and beyond, what has Tiger taught us?

–         Golf is a sport, so train

–         Training can injure as much as it can prevent

–         Majors can be won by a large margin

–         Majors can be won in playoffs

–         Being national champion six consecutive years is possible

–         Being national champion six consecutive years is superhuman

–         Changing teachers works

–         Changing teachers doesn’t work

–         Striving for perfection works

–         Chasing perfection doesn’t work

–         The four last majors are much tougher than the first 14

–         Eighteen majors and 19 seconds will never be broken

–         How to raise the bar

–         How to lower the bar

–         Golf is easy

–         Golf is tough

–         2000 will never be repeated

–         Never count out Tiger Woods

–         Par is not a barometer in majors

–         Constantly saving par helps you win majors

–         Parents are needed as kids

–         Parents are needed as adults

–         Lean, strong and flexible creates speed

–         Thick muscle mass hinders speed

–         It’s not possible to be great at all aspects of the game

–         In 2000 Tiger was great at all aspects of the game

–         Modern equipment helps hit the ball longer

–         Tiger averaged 342 yards off the tee at the ’96 Masters with a 43-inch steel-shafted/steel head driver.

–         He moved the needle

–         He is the needle

–         Who will be the next Tiger?

–       There is only one Tiger

–         Sam Snead has 82 victories

–         Tiger has 79 victories

–         The media needs Tiger

–         Tiger needs the media

–         Tiger is famous

–         Tiger is infamous

–         Others played the game like Tiger

–         Tiger played the game like no other

There will never be another Tiger!

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