WGCA Certification

Already a USGTF / WGTF or PGA / LPGA Member?  Earn your Certified Professional Golf Coach® status now with our one of kind online instructional course. This course includes 10 instructional videos created by professionals in each specific field of coaching as well as an 80-question multiple-choice test (80% passing grade required).

Course Topics Include:

  • Understanding Sports Psychology
  • Coaching a High School Golf Team
  • Coaching Golf at the Collegiate Level
  • Coaching a Tour Player
  • Understanding Fitness and Biomechanics for the Golf Coach
  • Mental Aspects of Coaching Golf – Training Your Mind part 1
  • Mental Aspects of Coaching Golf – Training Your Mind part 2
  • Golf Coaching Excellence
  • Nutrition for Golf Coaches
  • Clubfitting for Golf Coaches

 Once you register and log in you will have the ability to watch the videos instantly and complete the multiple choice exam

The cost for this course is $495. Please begin your purchase by clicking the “Add to Cart” button below.  Your transaction will be conducted securely, and will allow for payments with a Paypal account, or by the credit card of your choice.

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